Monday, October 31, 2011

Amsterdam outfit

IMG_0259 (683x455)

hi lovelies,
this is the look I chose for our trip to Amsterdam. Wearing my new turban hat, bought at Urban Outfitters Antwerp the day before :)
Pictures taken at the Amsterdam Centraal Station, Rembrandt Plein and a typical small Amsterdam street next to the beautiful water and buildings :)
The weather was on our side, usually when I visited Amsterdam it was pouring down like crazy, (just once I had really nice weather) but this time no rain and warm temperatures, yeeaahh :D

IMG_0264 (683x455)
IMG_0244 (683x455)
IMG_0228 (683x455)
IMG_0210 (683x1024)
IMG_0207 (683x1024)
IMG_0200 (683x455)
IMG_0262 (683x455)
IMG_0267 (683x455)
IMG_0269 (683x455)
IMG_0224 (683x1024)
IMG_0225 (683x455)
IMG_0354 (683x1024)
IMG_0371 (683x1024)
IMG_0397 (683x1024)
CARVELA Biker Boots, NEW LOOK Booties, INTIMISSIMI Shirt, ZARA Cardigan, H&M Leoprint Harem Pants, URBAN OUTFITTERS Turban, ASOS Kobalt Blue Leather Satchel Bag, BARRY M. Berry/ESSENCE Golden Glitter Nailpolish

Lots of love


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Antwerp harbour

IMG_0045 (683x455)

Hi guys,
this is my first look from Antwerp.
Wearing one of my new purchases, the purple Gucci belt, bought at the designer outlet in Parndorf :)
Weather was so good over there, much warmer than in Vienna and the sun was shining the whole day :D

IMG_0113 (683x455)
IMG_0111 (683x455)
IMG_0102 (683x455)
IMG_0093 (683x1024)
IMG_0084 (683x455)
IMG_0067 (683x455)
IMG_0053 (683x455)
IMG_0135 (683x455)
IMG_0047 (683x455)
IMG_0044 (683x1024)
IMG_0033 (683x1024)
IMG_0030 (683x455)
IMG_0024 (683x455)
IMG_0022 (683x455)
IMG_0115 (683x455)
IMG_0015 (683x455)
IMG_0007 (683x1024)
IMG_0139 (683x455)
IMG_0147 (683x455)
CHOPARD Scarf, GUCCI Belt, ASOS Kobalt Blue Leather Satchel Bag/Heels, LIEBESKIND BERLIN Leather Bracelet, H&M Shirt/Skirt, BARRY M. Berry/ESSENCE Golden Glitter Nailpolish

Lots of love



Back from Antwerp!

IMG_0102 (683x455)

Hi lovelies,
I´m back from my short trip to Antwerp and Amsterdam. Had an amazing time (as usual when I´m there..:D)
I have lots of pictures to show you, starting with a little sneek peak of my first Antwerp look at the harbour :)
More for you tomorrow, after 10 hours traveling by car I´m so ready for bed ;)

Lots of love


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OFF to Belgium/Holland :)

Hi guys,
as we speak I´m off to Antwerp and Amsterdam for a couple of days :D
Will post you as soon as I´m back in Vienna all my impressions, love Belgium and Holland, can´t wait to get there ;))

On another note: my babygirl Coco is pregnant :O
We´re awaiting 4 babies, I still can´t believe it.. my little girl is getting a mommy :)
This is going to be so exciting :D
Maybe you did already recognize it in my last post with her..?! :) But her tummy is so much bigger now!!!
We went to a doctor yesterday and she said that the babies will arrive in about a month :O
Did you know that dogs are pregnant for just 64 days?! Unbelievable! Aaahhh....!!! :))

coco´s baby tummy



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shopping day

IMG_0018 (683x1024)

Hi my lovelies,
a quick post about yesterday´s look. This is what I wore for a shopping day with the bf :)
We drove to Parndorf, a designer outlet outside Vienna.
They have brands like Burberry, Gucci, Prada and many more :)
I just have a few shots to show you, weather was too bad, it was raining the whole day :S
Now, I´m off for lunch :p
Have a great day :)

IMG_0019 (683x1024)
IMG_0020 (683x1024)
IMG_0028 (683x455)
IMG_0030 (683x1024)
IMG_0031 (683x1024)
IMG_0036 (683x1024)
IMG_0001 (683x455)
IMG_0006 (683x455)
IMG_0008 (683x455)
IMG_0011 (683x455)
BURBERRY Rain Boots, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Skull Scarf, AMERICAN APPAREL Leggings, H&M White Faux Fur Jacket/Mustard Satchel Bag, ZARA Cardigan