Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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hi lovelies,
I´m sorry for my absence, I´m just sooo busy :((( I don´t have time for anything!!
I´m in the middle of exam weeks and there´s nothing but studying :S
The good news are, the babiiiieees are here! Don´t know if you guys remember that I´ve told you that my dog was pregnant :) They are sooo cute! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!
But it´s also a lot of work..
Hopefully(!!) I will be able to make a proper outfit post on the weekend, it´s my plan :D
Till then I leave you with some pictures a friend of mine (you can check out his facebook page HERE ) took one week ago, with all the things I like, muffins, lollies, donuts, macarones, haha.. I think they turned out really nice, and what about my cute dog spikey craving for the chocolate muffin sooo badly ;ppp LOL!

lollipop (460x622)
IMG_3351 [] (533x800)
IMG_3243 [] (533x800)
IMG_3325 [] (533x800)
IMG_3297 [] (533x800)
IMG_3343 [] (533x800)
IMG_3345 [] (533x800)
IMG_3340 [] (533x800)
IMG_3247 [] (533x800)
IMG_3309 [] (533x800)
IMG_3264 [] (533x800)
IMG_3322 [] (533x800)
IMG_3287 [] (533x800)
candylips (683x512)
All Pictures taken by M. Spielauer (except the last one taken with my bb;))

Lots of love

Friday, November 18, 2011

winter/fall goodies

IMG_0014 (683x455)

Temperatures are dropping, it´s freezing cold and barely impossible to put a foot outside without big warm scarfs, tights over tights, hats and cozy jackets. However, when we are talking about crisp temperatures nothing feels better than staying at home in pj´s all day long, sipping on hot chai lattes or apple tea, watching a movie or just make yourself comfy at home. I´m getting sooo lazy during winter! I really should drag my butt outside and go out a little bit more often :)) But exam weeks are coming up faster than I want to admit, so I HAVE TO stay at home most of the time because books are waiting for me :S
Here is a little post about my winter pleasures ;)

What you see on the first picture?
I must have told you a thousand times that I recently love purple, silver and gold haha, I´m sorry for that, I will stop because you all already know ;)
However, you will see many items in these colours here!
New Gucci Belt I have shown you already in my Antwerp look and my first models own polish called purple passion, definitely will not be my last one :D (actually I have ordered some new bottles, they are on their

IMG_0001 (683x455)
New favourite lipstick by Chanel, I´ve been wearing non-stop (e.g. in the last 3 outfit posts)

IMG_0013 (683x455)
IMG_0005 (683x455)
Metallic golden nails by Nail Rock

IMG_0006 (683x455)
IMG_0015 (683x455)
my buddha candle holder with vanilla perfumed tealights and my favourite perfumed candle by Acqua di Parma

IMG_0012 (683x455)
Louis Vuitton Leo Scarf

IMG_0016 (683x455)
MAC Up The Amp Lipstick and Barry M. Berry Nailpolish

IMG_0023 (683x455)
Golden Gucci Belt

IMG_0026 (683x455)
Silver pants (you have seen them in gold HERE) soon I will show you an outfit post with the silver ones

IMG_0029 (683x455)
Silver Sweater (I´m really craving for a golden bronze one as well :p)

IMG_0034 (683x455)
Burberry scarf and earmuffs to keep me warm

IMG_0040 (683x455)
My favourite golden-furry house-shoes during winter

IMG_0042 (683x455)
Gold and silver foil, glitter nails

IMG_0045 (683x455)
Golden Lips by MAC

IMG_0047 (683x455)
cozy new headband

IMG_0049 (683x455)
Biotherm Eau Pure Bodyspray and Lotion, I know, this is more summer-related but just re-bought it and use it everyday, so refreshing :)

IMG_0051 (683x455)
my new favourite foundation by LUSH

IMG_0056 (683x455)
black and golden tights (a must-have for me)

IMG_0057 (683x455)
my new dream babies ;)

chanel (683x455)
Chanel (wintercolours) Black Pear, Péridot, Particuliére

IMG_0004 (683x455)
Burberry Pyjama

IMG_0008 (683x455)
(winter)fruits and tea
5782429960_ea15b21848_b (683x512)
I must admit I eat more sweets during winter, such as delish pink cupcakes :p
(Eeeehhm.. ICE CREAM doesn´t count, ok?! haha)
How about you?

Lots of love and coziness

Thursday, November 17, 2011


IMG_0425 (683x455)

I totally forgot about these cupcake pictures, taken in Antwerp some weeks ago. We were invited for dinner by lovely friends. Among delicious food they served these cute little selfmade cupcakes :D 

IMG_0436 (683x455)
IMG_0459 (683x455)
IMG_0432 (683x455)
IMG_0435 (683x455)
IMG_0452 (683x455)
IMG_0439 (683x455)
IMG_0451 (683x455)
IMG_0446 (683x455)
IMG_0441 (683x455)
IMG_0431 (683x455)

Lots of love