Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas eve


Hi guys,
better late than never, here are some impressions of my christmas eve :)
(I hope you´re not fed up with x-mas already :S)
Dressed up as Rudolph in a more casual look than usual. Don´t get me wrong, I really love to wear fancy dresses, especially on christmas, but this year I had the idea of buying my hole family plaid shirts and celebrating in a more casual way!
I love mine in christmas colours red and green :) What do you say to the ones I bought for my brother and bf? :D All of them are from Hollister, which opened new in Vienna.

I´m quite busy during my holidays since I´m moving to a new appartment. That´s the reason why I´m not posting that much and it will even get worse because in my new appartment (in which I hopefully will move in tomorrow **keep your fingers crossed**) I won´t have internet till January 12 (!!!!!)
Can you believe it???? :O I´m dying! My internet provider really sucks!! :(((
During this looong period without internet and blogging I´ll try to update my facebook page more often, so make sure you follow there as well ;))

CARVELA Biker Boots, HOLLISTER Plaid Shirt, F21 Distressed Shorts, H&M Faux Fur Jacket, GUCCI Bag, BARRY M. Neon Green Polish



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!


X-MAS. I have to tell you guys something, I know this blog is just about superficial things, such as clothes and fashion but I really believe that the most important things in life are the family, friends and all the lovely boyfriends/husbands (which is again family ;)) out there!
I was blessed with a beautiful perfect childhood thanks to my wonderful parents, grandparents and my brother. And I know that not everybody grew up in a sheltered home, like I did, thats the reason why I appreciate it even more. My family and friends always supported me in everything I did and I wanna thank them from the bottom of my heart ♥
We should not forget christmas isn´t just about taking and giving presents, the most important thing is and will always be the family and the ones you love! Every year I´m so excited about christmas because I love when the whole family comes together in a cozy home while having the yummiest dinner (mmhh.. can´t wait :ppp)
Ok, I will stop writing before I get too emotional, haha;) 

I WISH YOU GUYS A WONDERFUL HAPPY CHRISTMAS with your beloved ones (whoever it may be..)


sweet candy cane kisses


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

x-mas party

IMG_6547 (600x800)

hi guys,
some shots of yesterdays x-mas party!
Time flies so fast, I can´t believe x-mas is already on saturday :O
And I´m not even in christmas mood because of all the stress I had!
Anyways, I can´t wait for it and the well deserved holidays, yippiiieee and I will be able to update you more often ;)

IMG_6536 (600x450)
IMG_6512 (600x450)
IMG_6513 (600x800)
IMG_6509 (600x450)
IMG_6548 (600x450)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas in a cup

IMG_0041 (683x1024)

I couldn´t resist wearing those burgundy pants again, but with an all in black look, berry lips and red/black nailpolish :)
Definitely prefer this version, what about you!?

I know I´m a crazy one, but I honestly believe that my chai and toffee nut latte´s from starbucks taste so much better in their burgundy christmas cup which is also matching my pants haha, gotta love it :p
I adore christmas season and the fact that you´ll find christmas trees, cinnamon scents, mulled wine and festive decorations at every corner, December is for sure my favourite month of the winter.

Yesterday the bf and I watched the movie 'Happy New Year' (actually we wanted to see 'In Time', second try, but it was sold out again :/) buuut we loooved the movie, a bunch of great actors and it made me laugh and cry at the same time ;)
Definitely a must-see before christmas to get in the right mood for new years eve!

IMG_0127 (683x455)
IMG_0042 (683x1024)
IMG_0007 (683x455)
IMG_0016 (683x1024)
IMG_0039 (683x1024)
IMG_0021 (683x455)
IMG_0026 (683x455)
IMG_0067 (683x455)
IMG_0071 (683x455)
IMG_0076 (683x1024)
IMG_0090 (683x455)
IMG_0098 (683x1024)
IMG_0116 (683x455)
IMG_0140 (683x1024)
IMG_0145 (683x1024)
IMG_0148 (683x1024)
IMG_0151 (683x455)
LOUIS VUITTON Briefcase, ZARA Burgundy Skinny Pants, H&M Black Sweater/Faux-Fur Jacket, ASOS Knitted Headband/Lipstick Ring, NEW LOOK Booties, F21 Studded Ring, BARRY M. Red/Black Nailpolish
(later changed to GUCCI Bag and CARVELA Biker Boots)




Thursday, December 8, 2011

burgundy pants

IMG_0086 (683x1024)

Hi guys,
just a quick outfit post of todays look with my new burgundy pants :) love the colour and skinny shape!
After work I went to a christmas market and had my first mulled wine this year, later dinner with a friend, now I´m relaxing, my plan for tomorrow (since I´m free because today is a holiday) is finally sleeping in late tomorrow morning (I really NEED to catch up some sleep, yay!!), a bit of studying, coffee, food and meetings in the city and the rest we´ll see :) Hope I´ll be able to take some pictures for you ;)
Post you soon! :D

IMG_0049 (683x455)
IMG_0050 (683x455) (2)
IMG_0056 (683x455) (2)
IMG_0044 (683x455)
IMG_0047 (683x455)
IMG_0041 (683x455) (2)
IMG_0106 (683x455)
IMG_0057 (683x455)
IMG_0061 (683x455)
IMG_0065 (683x455)
IMG_0078 (683x1024)
IMG_0119 (683x455)
IMG_0120 (683x455)
IMG_0067 (683x455)
IMG_0060 (683x455) (2)
IMG_0130 (683x1024)
IMG_0123 (683x455)
ASOS Blue Heels/Knitted Headband/Cobalt Blue Leather Bag, MOTEL Leopard Faux-Fur Coat, ZARA Burgundy Skinny Pants, H&M Sweater, Chanel Particuliére Nailpolish