Monday, April 30, 2012



Hi guys!
Yesterday was my birthday, and I have to say I'm a lucky girl :D
The weather couldn't be any better at the moment, it's really hot, totally summermode, FINALLY :D
I spent the day BBQ-ing in the garden with my family and some friends, sunbathing, sipping on delicious cocktails, strawberry juice and eating way too much food. A perfect (BIRTH-)day in my books :)

About my look, which was pretty girly: I wore a pastel candy striped dress with some unexpected cut-out details, I reeeally looove the pastel colours and shape of it, matched to some yellow peep toes I looked like a sugar candy-cane :p
I also wore my macaron necklace I bought last year when I was in London for my birthday :D It matched perfectly the Ladurée macarones I received as a present by my friend Al :)
The nails are nail wraps by nail rock, you have seen me already with the gold and silver version. I have some new ones with aztec prints, smileys and cupcakes. I'm such a fan of those prints, also when I have to say it really doesn't last for 10 days, unfortuneately. And I also had a few problems applying them since I have really tiny nails, like a child haha, the wraps are always waaay to big for me =D
  IMG_0072-1 IMG_0075 IMG_0054 401741_304866686256764_1900714997_n-1 IMG_0080-1 IMG_0046-1 IMG_0022-1 IMG_0045-1 IMG_0041-1 IMG_0037-1 IMG_0009-1 IMG_0006-1 IMG_0025-1 IMG_0081-1 IMG_0094 IMG_0026-1 IMG_0093 IMG_0115 IMG_0121 IMG_0112 IMG_0030-1 IMG_0050-1 IMG_0148 IMG_0156 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0199 IMG_0210 IMG_0271 IMG_0286 IMG_0291 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0304 IMG_0284 RARE Candy Striped Dress, H&M Heels / Bow Cuff, RAY-BAN Wayfarer Sunnies, KENNETH JAY LANE Strawberry Ring, FRANCK MULLER Crazy Colors Watch, NAIL ROCK Nail Wraps (exclusive for ASOS), VINTAGE Swarovski Bracelet, MONSOON Neon Bracelet / Heart Cake Ring, MAC 'please me' Lipstick



Saturday, April 28, 2012

last night


Here some fun photos of yesterdays nightout. Haven't posted PARTY photos for a while now.. I rarely go out at the moment. Hope you like them, and what do you say to my FAA look?! :D
Tomorrow is my birthday and I will celebrate with my family in the garden, having a big barbecue and we're also gonna make selfmade burgers again :p Can't waaaaaait!

IMG_6935 IMG_6936 IMG_6933 IMG_6802 IMG_6918 IMG_6917 IMG_6911 IMG_6910 IMG_6893-1 image3 image2 H&M Fashion Against Aids Jacket / Shorts / Skull Bracelets / Necklace /  'Blue My Mind Up' Nailpolish, BALENCIAGA Bangle, F21 Ethno Print Shirt/Heels, RIVER ISLAND Bag, MAC 'Vegas Volt' Lipstick




Thursday, April 26, 2012

fashion against aids


FASHION AGAINST AIDS COLLECTION. I feel like every single piece is made for me :D
Do you love it as much as I do?

 Bild619 Bild631 Bild617 Bild616 Bild615 Bild613 Bild612 Bild611 Bild618 
(last two photos not from FAA, but still so gorgeous ;)) 
-all items by H&M-